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Holding Your Hand From The Very Start To The Very FinishFace Today

The I Got Hired™ Process

Every step joined up by the proven octagon job hunting process

The Brains Behind Your Job Hunt

The I Got Hired™ Workbooks

Your Very Own Recruitment Expert, Right There In Your Pocket

  • Prepare For Success
  • Your Sales Toolkit
  • The Jobs Jungle
  • The Perfect Interview
  • Closing The Deal

Every Document You Need – Mobile & Bang Up To Date

The I Got Hired™ Document Library

The IGH Document Library is organised to make sure finding what you need is easy. It’s content is updated every week in response to members requests.

An Organized Job Hunt In Your Pocket


IGH Pro™ is the heart beat of your job hunt, logically organizing all your job hunt activities, documents and events

Helping You Understand Your Needs

IGH Aspire™

This Simple, Intelligent Needs Analysis Tool Focuses Your Efforts On The Jobs & Employers That Are Exactly Right For You

Managing Every Penny, Every Day

IGH Money™

IGH Money™ is the simplest tool around to help you assess, plan & control your finances on a daily basis.

Solving The Top TEN Challenges Job Hunters Face Today

Simply - Quickly - Cheaply

The I Got Hired™ team of over 30 HR & Recruitment experts have spent the last 5 years talking to 1000s of active job hunters all over the globe to understand exactly what the common challenges are that they struggle with.... & then worked together to make sure I Got Hired™ solved them all.
Any Of These Sound Familiar?
  • I just can’t find the role I’m looking for
  • My job search seems to be taking over my life
  • How do I make my resume as good as it needs to be?
  • I’m terrified of interviews & never perform to my best
  • I just can't get organised, I’ve got bits of paper everywhere
  • I keep getting ‘No’s & have lost all confidence & motivation
  • Recruitment consultants don’t really help me
  • There’s so much advice on the internet – is it any good?
  • Professional job search advice is SO expensive, up to $1000!
  • I hate negotiating & am no good at it
If any of these sound like you & your job search, don’t worry. I Got Hired™ gives you a quick, simple & cheap solution to all these & many more common problems that can ruin a job search
Everything A Job Hunter Needs – Simple As That!

Over 200 years of Real World Recruitment Experience In Your Pocket

I Got Hired™ has been built by an exceptional team of over 30 Hiring & HR experts from 10 countries.

Having hired or advised literally thousands of candidates, our team are uniquely qualified to support & guide almost any job hunter with real, proven, hands-on expertise.

Always Know What To Do & When To Do It

At the very heart of I Got Hired™ is our unique job hunting process. IGH Octagon™ leads you step by step through a professional & focused job search

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose With Our CAST IRON GUARANTEE

It’s really simple – If after working with the I Got Hired™ System for 90 days you haven’t got, or don’t believe you will get, that perfect job, we’ll send you your money back – just like that.

All we ask is that you follow the process, use the System & give yourself the best chance you’ve ever had to change your career & your life.

In case you’re wondering, we can give this cast iron guarantee because I Got Hired™ WORKS - simple as that.

The 2018 Giveaway
One of Payment For Life Time Membership
Preparation & Role Definition
Targets & Campaign Planning
Creating Killer Resumes
Social Media & Branding
Defining My Jobs Market
Networking & Applications
Interview Preparation
Interview Performance
Deal Negotiation & Exit
Optimizing My New Role

The Most Inspiring Job Search Stories Come From Our Members

"The I Got Hired™ job interview tips not only improved how I performed at interviews but also taught me how to follow up & secure the offer. I now work for a global corporate in a challenging, rewarding & fun roll – thank you I Got Hired™."
Chief of Staff
New York, USA
"I had not been able to secure a job for nearly two years. I followed the I Got Hired™ job application process & was offered 3 jobs in just over 5 weeks! It was really easy to follow, the tools really helped to keep everything organized & in one place – I never missed a follow up action or appointment."
Francesca Waltham
Retail Executive
London, UK
"Over the years I have used a number of resume writing guides & books on how to prepare for an interview, but after I Got Hired™ I just won’t need anything else. It all fits together so easily & makes perfect sense. The resume templates were particularly useful."
Alex Easter
Sales Manager
London, UK
"I Got Hired™ just does the job; it’s as simple as that. I takes you by the hand, leads you through the jobs market & supports you every step of the way through your job search. It’s nice to get to share ideas and experiences with other members in IGH Xchange™ too."
Rob Johnson
IT Support Technician
Bournemouth, UK
"What a great kit – I just can’t work out why no one has done this before. Everything you could possibly need to find a job is all in one place & fits together so well. I got my ideal job after just 6 weeks."
Uzhair Katawhala
Call Centre Operator
Manchester, UK
"Thank you I Got Hired™. I’m a typically disorganised bloke but I Got Hired™ put me in control of my job search. I knew where everything was & what I needed to do next from researching employers to resume writing & making a job application. I got a job in two months."
Dave Milton
Truck Driver
Melbourne, Australia
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The Single Biggest Risk To Your Job Search Is Making The Same Mistakes Today That You Made Yesterday

Don’t Just Follow The Crowd – Stand Out From Your Competition

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Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting For Your Money

It’s really simple – if I Got Hired has not got you your perfect job

5 Easy To Follow Workbooks
More Than 35 Interactive Checklists
Smart Campaign Planning Tool
Integrated Calendar, Contacts & Tasks
Email Notifications & Reminders
Personal Needs Analysis App
Over 100 Expert Guides
Hundreds Of Document Templates
Performance Management & Reporting
Comprehensive Document Management
Access To A Global Member’s Forum
And All These FREE Bonuses Are Yours Today......!!
IGH Workbooks™ - Five detailed & illustrated eBooks that are the brains behind your job search – skills, tips, advice, homework & expertise. (value of $60)
The IGH Document Library™ - Every document, guide, action list, cheat sheet & template you could ever need – all bang up to date (value $50)
IGH Aspire™ - Your personal psychometric tool that helps you understand what you need and focuses your effort on the jobs that are exactly right for you (Value $47)
IGH Xchange™ - A world of advice & support giving access to the knowledge, experience & guidance of every IGH member (Value $24)
IGH Money™ - The simplest tool around to help you to assess, plan & control your finances, managing every penny every day (Value $50)
The IGH™ Ultimate Resume Bootcamp - Creating the perfect resumes, simply & quickly (Value $67)
The IGH™ Ultimate Interview Bootcamp - Learn to prepare & perform perfectly in the most challenging of interviews (Value $67)

Today’s Extra Bonus Coming Soon!!!

Life Long Membership of IGH™ Coffee Break Academy - The I Got Hired™ ultimate job hunter video training course delivered in bite size chunks (Value $99)

Leading Edge Technology & Know-How
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A Dozen Reasons To Join I Got Hired™ Today
Unique system that revolutionizes job hunting
Joins up every document, tool & application
Hosted on the world’s most secure internet platform
Available at a fraction of all other job hunting tools
Personalize IGH to work exactly how you work
Everything in the same place at the same time
Works for every type of job hunter in every market
Everything you could possibly need for your job search
Built by a team of global recruitment & HR experts
Works on every mobile device on every platform
Intuitively joins up every document tool & app
Updated daily with your ideas by our team of experts

What We Say Isn’t Important - It’s What Our Members Say That Matters

"I Got Hired™ took my job search by storm. I got rid of all my notes & little scraps of paper & my documents & contacts are now all organized & in one place. The reports made sure I hit my own applications & interview targets."
Uzil Shah
Data Analyst
Denver, USA
"I had lived with my job search on sticky notes stuck to my fridge door & I never had the information I needed at hand when an opportunity knocked – not any more, thanks to I Got Hired™."
Linzi Singleton
Research Assistant
Washington, USA
"The I Got Hired™ process is worth the money alone – you just know exactly what you have to do & how best to do it. There are little skills guides & To-Do Lists supporting every step – & then you get all the workbooks, tools, CV & cover letter templates too."
Trish Arnold
Birmingham, UK
"I am an older than average job seeker & thought I knew myself pretty well until I tried IGH Aspire™. What a fantastic tool – not only did it give me new insights into my needs, it matched me to the perfect job as well. I am now in a role that I could only dream about before."
Elsa Dorkan
Johannesburg, South Africa
"Although I had my CV at the ready, I had no idea how to complete the job application & make it stand out from the competition. The workbooks & guides in I Got Hired™ helped me make the initial introductions & walked me through the follow-up process so that my application was noticed & nothing was left to chance."
Laura Daniels
Brisbane, Australia
"I was fortunate to have received a couple of job offers but after all the hard work I didn’t want to throw it all away by making the wrong decision. I Got Hired™ walked me through the offer negotiation stage, not only providing advice on salary negotiation, but all the other important aspects of the employment contract."
Liz Pardue
Liverpool, UK

Access Your Job Search Anytime, Anywhere

All This For Just $199
One off Payment For Life Membership
Preparation & Role Definition
Targets & Campaign Planning
Creating Killer Resumes
Social Media & Branding
Defining My Jobs Market
Networking & Applications
Interview Preparation
Interview Performance
Deal Negotiation & Exit
Optimizing My New Role

Frequently Asked Questions
​What makes I Got Hired™ so different?
Many, many things!! But the key ‘blow your socks off’ difference is how everything in I Got Hired™; Apps, Guides, Templates, Checklists etc are all joined up, organized & driven by the remarkable & proven IGH Octagon™ Job Search Process that has helped literally tens of thousands of job hunters land that perfect job.
Do I need to be good with computers to use I Got Hired™?
Absolutely not. If you have found this page on the internet & have got this far your computer skills are probably good enough already! I Got Hired™ is simple & intuitive & needs NO special computer skills. Many I Got Hired™ success stories only used their computer for Facebook before they started their job search with us.
Why is I Got hired™ so incredibly cheap?
Two reasons really. One – job hunting is an abused market where everything is not only stupidly expensive but massively over priced; you can pay up to $1000 for 6 DVDs or $147 for a single eManual if you shop around! Two – This is a special ‘2018 Beta Launch Offer’ with not just an incredible 80% discount but $100s of free stuff thrown in!
Can’t I just get everything I need off the internet?
Sure, there is absolutely loads on the internet about resumes & interviews that have been written by….., well, who knows? To be honest there is just too much rubbish to wade through to find the remotely good stuff. And Even if you are lucky enough to land on decent advice, you will never find the I Got Hired™ apps, checklists & process – they are unique.
How do I keep up with new hiring trends & technology?
You don’t have to – I Got Hired™ does it for you! Not only does the I Got Hired™ Team update & add new Guides, Checklists, Templates & Cheat Sheets every week but, through the unique member’s Suggestion Box, you can ask us to make any additions or improvements to I Got Hired™ whenever you think of one.
Is my data safe & what do you do with it?
We couldn’t be more serious about data security & personal privacy. I Got Hired™ is hosted on one of the world’s most secure servers (the Amazon Web Services Cloud) – No little back room server for us!! As far as how we share your data? WE DON'T – simple as that. We will never share it, lend it or sell it, & that’s a promise.
Do you guys really know what you are talking about?
When Simon Ward decided he wanted to build the world’s best Job Hunting system (back then he thought there would be other systems – he was wrong!) he knew it couldn’t just be built on his own know-how & experience alone. So, over the past 5 years, he has built an unrivalled international team of over 30 HR, Recruitment & Technology experts to make sure I Got Hired™ knows EXACTLY what it’s talking about.
8. How long do I get I Got Hired™ for?
Under normal circumstances an I Got Hired™ membership lasts for a year, followed by a really low cost ‘pepper corn’ renewal fee. But this is NOT ‘normal circumstances’. Buy I Got Hired™ today, with our very special 80% discount offer & you’ve got I Got Hired™ for life!! That’s right, your membership will be automatically renewed every year, for ever!

Meet Some Of Our Job Search Experts

Belinda, HR
24 Years
Chris, Recruitment
30 Years
Dave, HR
15 Years
Duke, Recruitment
25 Years
Kazim, HR
18 Years
Simon, Recruitment
30 Years
Walley, HR
20 Years
Zarina, HR
20 Years
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